Monday, February 12, 2007

De Uncoatable Quotes

** I can't afford a GF and ur asking me 1000 bucks for Russell Peters comedy show.
** I am going nowhere and i know the path
** Pad lee aaj quraan magar mein ayaton ko bhool gaya
** Cricket world cup uthane ke liye gud 11 chahiye 1 billion log nahi
** You think pennies you get pennies, You think dollars u get dollars

Market works like this:
1) Its amazing that even a Monopolist can't increase the price of goods/services on his own. Its determined solely by market demand.

2) When a market makes profit, new players enter which increases the market supply decreasing the price and optimum output quantity produced, making the losses (reducing the profits) for all the players. These losses force small players to exit market. This inverses the story as supply reduces, prices and optimum output quantity increase, profits are made for those who did not exit the market.


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