Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We (all) wanna do some(meaningful?)thing

Me-: when there are only two variable solution is not guaranteed to be simple equation looks simple probability theory gains more ground

Sid-: he he .. that is true.. the solution is given only when there is 1 variable..but 2 variables are better than 5 :)

Me-: in wat sense

Sid-: for example.. you can represent an equation with 2 variables on a 2 dimensional graph...less complexity

Me-: almost wat i said, equation looks simple
probability theory gains more ground

Sid-: yeah.. more predictable variable is boring isn't it? :-)

Me-: hehehehe ....ikla chalo re

Sid-: he he, saini wanted to shift yesterday because he has office on Saturday

Me-: most interesting maybe if not best have a n equation with n variables... which are inherently controlled by a set of m variables ....and these m variables share a protocol among them

Sid-: + all the variables should be in 1st degree polynomials...

Me-: yup....can have the restriction on that

Sid-: I miss Math :(

Me-: the most interesting thing i feel is ....not to solve a less complex equation.... rather minimizing the possible gap between the exact behavior and the predicted one from a large n complex equation.....

Sid-: what you say is very interesting because !! thats what I think testing should be...they should work on a system as if it is a system of equations..
:) instead of just dreaming all day

Me-: absolutely hehehe

Sid-: cooool.. i like this..

Me-: there is so much going on....

Sid-: on this? in testing?

Me-: the i feel it important to be out there in the the sun to feel the heat....n thats wat these guys do.... they go to the best school feel the heat .....get themselves burnt enuf to keep the juices bubbling up...n then get dropped out n work
this is just about the exposure the extent of research already put n going on

Sid-: hmmm.. it is strange how when you are studying you want to work

Me-: no i mean every where research

Sid-: and when you are working you want to study

Me-: not work in an orgnisation...m saying work on their ideas

Sid-: yeaaaah.. :) two very different things..that dude.. jeff who made the touch screen GUI...he dropped out of cornel..

Me-: study provoke the thought process.....then u feel the urge to get these ideas a conceptual feel like extending the theory into practical App

Sid-: and sat in NYU for 4 years working on his idea

Me-: NY university?

Sid-: yeah...

Me-: when r u going to get laid

Sid-: you have to see this..
laid ??( i dunno.. maybe i am trying to find excitement/orgasm in my work!

Me-: i mean the same way..when u going to get laid with ur ideas

Sid-: damn you are right.. am a virgin in both fields :( that day.. Saini and I decided to start his student thingie from 2nd week of feb..when my laptop comes

Me-: student thingie ..geekology, ohh...thats awesome man


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